"Whoever thinks freely, thinks well".

On the 3rd of February 1976 a newspaper was published for the first time. Not just any newspaper, since a team of experienced and recognized journalists decided to publish “Simerini” newspaper. The team who respected other opinions sowed the seed for new and innovative ideas in journalism with the goal of stating the facts strongly and clearly to the people and the government. “Simerini” has led many battles and was acclaimed in the conscious of the public as a trustworthy and pugnacious newspaper but above all as a newspaper that “thinks well as it thinks freely”.

A new era for Simerini!

As of Sunday May 28, 2017 the newspaper is exclusively published on Sunday, giving a complete picture of all the news of the week with in depth articles on culture and society, interviews, sports, opinions with the critical knowledge which has been a main characteristic of the newspaper since its first publications. In the framework of the new design, the newspaper has added a new and exciting package which responds to the different and modern needs of its audience.

Additional publications/ inserts

These inserts are free on selected days and are given with the Simerini newspaper. They are designed to give added value to readers by informing them on specific issues, areas and events depending on the season.

Cyprus Cyta Championship

A preview of the Cyprus Championship and the main European Leagues that are about to begin.

Champions League

Dedicated to the largest and most prestigious football cup in the world. It includes  an analytical presentation of all the teams.

Formula 1

An insert dedicated to racing. It presents specialized information on the Formula 1 Cup.


This section is dedicated to trips and vacation options readers have as well as the best travel packages available throughout the year.


An insert dedicated to environmental and ecological issues.


This insert covers a wide-variety of issues concerning education, from kindergarten to higher education, as well as the different choices students have regarding their education and career.

Who is who in Cyprus Business

An extensive categorised guide listing the main companies operating in Cyprus.

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