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Sigma TV is the first privately owned national television station. It was established in 1995 by the Cypriot lawyer, journalist, author and publisher Costa N. Hadjicostis. The station’s first transmission was on April 3, 1995. The station broadcasts Cypriot, Greek and foreign series, news, informative and sports as well as entertainment programmes.

As of January 2016, Sigma TV signed a new strategic partnership with SKAI Greece, enriching the station’s daily entertainment and informative programme even more, for the season 2017/18, with programmes such SURVIVOR GR, THE VOICE OF GREECE and more.

Sigma TV’s mission and goal is to meet its viewer’s needs. With plans to further expand with new technologies and strategic partnerships in Greece and Europe, Sigma TV is the most dynamic and advanced local television channel today.


Πρωτοσέλιδο (Protoselido – Morning new Broadcast)

Every day from 6:45 am to 9:15 am, Andreas Demetropoulos and his colleagues, present all the front-page news of the day.

Μεσημέρι και Κάτι (News broadcast at noon)

Katerina Christophidou and the journalist team of Sigma and Sigmalive portal, analyse, research and presents the local and international news, starting at 11:45am.

Τομές στα Γεγονότα (Main News Broadcast)

Sigma TV’s main news broadcast starts every night at 20:15 with an analytical approaches, on-air interviews and commentary from reputable journalists, enriched with dynamism, validity, combativeness and pervasiveness. Chrysanthos Tsouroullis, Nicolas Marcantonis, Petra Argyrou, Gogo Alexandrinou, Katerina Christophidou, Christos Charalambous and Nestoras Vasiliou.

TV Series


Follows the story of a girl, whilst presenting the history of Cyprus, who falls in-love, gets her heart broken and comes face to face with the hardship of war and the unbalanced battle between righteousness and unfairness in the 1940’s and 1950’s. A production that takes the audience on a journey to the past with a multitude of famous Cypriot actors. The show is broadcasted daily, before the Main News Broadcast.

Mon- Friday at 19:15

General Supervision: Kyros Rosides

Director: Paris Procopiou & Costas Costopoulos

Script: Kyriacos Flouris, Giorgos Sophocleous, Eleni Kaoula and Anna Scordis

Starring: Despina Mpempedeli, Alkisti Pavlidou, Christopher Grego, Varvara Christofi and more.



Traditional nights (Paradosiaki Vradia): Andri Karantoni along with her exceptional team and guests, sings, presents and makes as love tradition even more through traditional songs “tsiattista”, dancing and singing.

Stin Ygeia mas re paidia: The beloved musical show presented by Spyros Papadopoulos now at Sigma TV. A show that outlines famous and beloved Greek musicians, in the most unique and special way. Catch the entertaining musical programme every Tuesday night.

Pringipas Saturday Night: Stand-up comedian Costas Pringipas has arrived again on screen with a fantastic show that will change-up viewers Saturday nights and satirize local realities and television. Guests appear as never before, interviews that will be talked about, games that make a difference and live music from “Ta Xidia” band. Along with the host don’t miss Mikaela Iona, comedian Michalis Kakkoufas, the Italian Vincenzo Urizz and the star of the Voice of India Taram!

The Voice: Last year the chairs turned and viewers were glued to their screens! This year the Voice of Greece returns even-more entertaining and fantastic than before.

Greece’s Got Talent: Giorgos Lianos welcomes viewers to the most talented show! Greeks from all over the world will come to the stage of Greece’s Got Talent to show their talent in the hope of winning the prize of 50.000 Euro!

Survivor: What would you do if you won immunity? To what lengths would you go to eat? Last year people saw it all! Something the ratings clearly show. This year, viewers should be prepared to experience something different, even more spectacular, and filled with plot twists. 

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